Technical Recruitment

Helping the disruptive innovation

Specializing In AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain

AirHr is a staffing agency specializing in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain technologies. We started AirHr with 15+ years experiences in information technology and 15+ years of experiences in staffing and recruitment. Our company focuses on connecting the talented candidates with the innovative organization.

Global Market

Practice Areas

Our team is capable of identifying the most talented technical people using its extensive network and technical skills, introducing them to the most pioneering organizations around the globe. We exclusively work with AI Researchers, Machine Learning Engineers [NLP,NLU, Vision], Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Quantitative Researchers, Technology Exeuctives and Blockchain Experts .

Why Work With Us

The advantage of working with AirHr team is that we are not your typical recruitment agency. We know this technology space very well and are connected with active and passive candidates who are actively researching and developing in this space. More over we speak the same languages because we are developing our Stephanie platform with the same technologies. This allows us to put the right candidate for interview submission, instead starting from scratch and waiting many months searching for the correct resources. One of the main benefits you will see is that your interview times will be shorter. You will know the candidates’ technical strength because we pre-screen them in a detail. Given the background of each of our employees, we are more technical in this space.

About Us

AirHr, organically grown startup from the 26 family, started late 2016 with the mission of making hiring process easy for job seekers, HR departments, and hiring managers by implementing a Human like Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant Platform named Stephanie. We are in the process of developing our technology in AI/Machine Learning and Big Data technology stacks. As of 2017, we realized the fact that while we were developing the technology it is wise to help finding the talented resources for the disruptive innovative companies in our space while continually developing our platform. Our staffing experiences became the knowledgebase for Stephanie. All the while, providing a positive cash-flow instead of raising seed funding. Finally the candidates and companies we are working with will be the initial customers for Stephanie.