Stephanie AI

Virtual Assistant work with job seekers and hiring managers for the entire hiring process, communicate with them in natural language like real person

The hiring process has become cluttered with many applicants (most not qualified), job boards, and career sites. Job seekers spend an enormous amount of time completing applications on various sites, talking to multiple recruiters and engaging in multiple interviews. On the other hand, hiring managers and a company’s HR departments are flooded with applications and are unable to process entries to find the right candidate to suit their needs.

What if we have a system that is able to match job seekers qualifications and experiences with the hiring managers job requirements in every aspect and still able to communicate with both sides in a natural language.

Stephanie would introduce both parties, schedule the interviews, take feedback, and finalize the hiring process. Essentially tweaking the process at every step to completion. We want every job seeker, recruitment department, HR department, and every hiring manager to work with Stephanie. Providing a clear and seamless process.

Stephanie will be available through email, chat and txt messages, Will have the voice in the future


Stephanie is a distributed system with multiple frameworks working together to imitate the Human Resources personality

Natural Language Understanding And Reasoning

Stephanie will be developed with human level language understanding and reasoning skills. When Stephanie is contacted by job seekers, human resources, or hiring managers, her first systems will classify the message. Understand what is the message about then take the appropriate action according to her HR knowledge. Either write a reply or contact the other person regarding the message. Stephanie will not be built with hand coded rules, Stephanie is being built with generative models and trained with language understanding and HR skills. Stephanie’s Artificial Brain will be trained with the knowledge of Human resources. The system uses this knowledge when it tries to comprehend and correspond with job seekers, human resources, and hiring managers. In addition, when Stephanie is screening and qualifying candidates.


Stephanie Matches candidates with jobs descriptions with much more than keyword search. Stephanie does this by knowing the field, candidates qualifications, years of experiences, personality, preference cultural fit and so on. Matching API uses Stephanie’s HR knowledge when screening and qualifying candidates. Stephanie will show detail reports why there is match with candidates and hiring managers, when hiring mangers agree to meet with the candidates Stephanie will arrange the meetings.

Scheduling Interviews

Stephanie schedule the time confirm the interview. follow up with the interviewee and the interviewer make sure the candidates are attending the interview.


Stephanie takes feedback from the job seekers and hiring manager right after the interview. This information helps Stephanie matching candidates and the companies in the future.


Stephanie is a learning system instead of rule based system. The system is designed to have a human like language, understanding, reasoning, memory, knowledge representations, and learning features. The technical design of this framework follows the blueprint of the cerebral cortex of the human brain: which are the four lobes (temporal, occipital, frontal, parietal), hippocampus and other area of the brain features to build this system applying cognitive and neuroscience methodologies. The system is being developed with diverse sets of technologies: deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, active learning, natural language processing, statistical machine learning, generative adversarial network [GAN], probabilistic programming, and Bayesian statistics.


Stephanie is designed to work with millions of job seekers, HR departments and hiring managers simultaneously. The platform is develop as a distributed system using big data technologies. The Stephanie Brain is being develop in Tensorflow and other sets of deep neural networks and reinforcement learning technology. In designing this technology it represents modules and APIs based with consistency. This design would allow us to further improve this technology.


We have been experimenting in Stephanie's brain features for the last two years. Now is the time for implementation. We are looking at another 18 to 20 months of progress, relying on the resources we have. We also plan to release an Alpha version for testing purposes only.